I Know Places by Raven M Michaelson

Rated: PG-13 • 0 Reviews
Summary: A story of what-ifs, a story of tests and trials, a story of change: "Star Wars: I Know Places" takes you to a galaxy far, far away to see what might've happened had things taken a turn for the... better? A suicidal mother, another broken code, a suspicious Padawan, and a dark force come together to create a story darker than ever.

Love Song Requiem by Verite

Rated: R-16 • 1 Reviews
Summary: Anakin obviously loves Padme, but just as fervently, so does Obi-Wan. In this tale of deception and intrigue, who can be trusted?

First time Obidala writer. Just getting my feet wet!

Sharing One Soul by Theed

Rated: G-6 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Amidala's twins are born and she and Obi-Wan explore their friendship . . .