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Making Promises by Val

Rated: PG-13 • 0 Reviews
Summary: This takes place after the cremation of Qui Gon Jin. A bond is formed between Padme and Obi Wan.

Miasma by Christie

Rated: PG-13 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Padme requests Obi-Wan to be her Jedi protector. Things get complicated.

My Friend, Kenobi by Charlotte Kenobi

Rated: R-16 • 0 Reviews
Summary: It always starts with a crush...

My Dying Wish by Sntr P Amidala

Rated: NC-17 • 0 Reviews
Summary: An alternate ending to RotS. Obi-Wan doesn't just sit on Tatooine all those years and Padmé has a hand in his exploits to save the galaxy. Spoilers - RotS, KotOR games.

Moments of Uncertainity by Theed

Rated: PG-13 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Ami/Obi Romance Will Obi-Wan and Amidala have regrets about Amidala's marriage to Anakin? . . .

My Ultimo Adios by Black Kenobi

Rated: PG-13 • 1 Reviews
Summary: Somewhere after Anakin has turned to the dark side. He doesn’t have Vader’s costume or helmet yet, I’d like to think Hayden Christensen wouldn’t have to wear that. Obi-Wan goes to protect Padme and the kids, who are, I guess 6 or 7, but Evil Anakin gets to her first. Hmm…interesting, isn’t it?

Maybe He Doesn't See Me by Black Kenobi

Rated: G-6 • 0 Reviews
Summary: A poem from Padme's POV. My first one actually. The feelings of a woman in love. Nuff said.