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1.04 - Verrat by Steffi

Rated: PG-13 • 1 Reviews
Summary: Während Palpatine eine außergewöhnliche Sitzung des Senats einberuft, kommt es im Luftraum über Coruscant und auf Tatooine zu unvorhergesehenen Ereignissen.

1.03 - Dunkle Schatten by Steffi

Rated: G-6 • 1 Reviews
Summary: Während Obi-Wan, für die Jedi, ungewöhnliche Wege geht, um an Informationen zu gelangen, kommt es zwischen dem Jedi-Rat und Kanzler Palpatine zu Spannungen.

1.02 - Die Suche beginnt by Steffi

Rated: G-6 • 1 Reviews
Summary: Er würde alles tun, um Padmé wieder glücklich zu sehen. So entscheidet sich Obi-Wan zu einem Schritt, von dem er befürchtet, dass er ihn bereuen könnte.

1.01 Wiedersehen by Steffi

Rated: G-6 • 1 Reviews
Summary: Obi-Wan hatte sich das Wiedersehen mit Senatorin Amidala anders vorgestellt. Abstürzende Raumschiffe, fremde Angreifer und eine junge Jedi-Schülerin, die ihn für ihren neuen Meister hielt, waren nicht das was er erwartet hatte.

1.00 - Neue Wege by Steffi

Rated: G-6 • 1 Reviews
Summary: In der Abgeschiedenheit von Tatooine versucht Obi-Wan darüber hinweg zu kommen, dass Anakin ihn hintergangen hat und Padmé ehelichte. Seine innere Ruhe und Stärke ist noch längst nicht wieder zurückgekehrt, da erhält er einen Notruf von Naboo.

The Final Farewell by MissChris

Rated: G-6 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Sequel to "The Final Goodbye" (please read first). Padmé's feelings and thoughts surrounding her death and the immediate events after which the Force generously grants her a glimpse of.

The Final Goodbye by MissChris

Rated: G-6 • 1 Reviews
Summary: In the wake of Padmé's death, Obi-Wan comes to terms with his thoughts and feelings before leaving for Tatooine.

Only Misery, And The Greatest Happiness by Greenfire87

Rated: R-16 • 1 Reviews
Summary: Anakin Skywalker is anxious to see Padmé Amidala after ten years. When they are reunited, though, Padmé has eyes only for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Frustrated by her attraction to Obi-Wan, Padmé takes up the matter with the Jedi Master himself. Betrayal, lust, and jealousy swirl on Coruscant - so much for "no passion, only serenity."

Nur eine Nacht by Esther

Rated: PG-13 • 1 Reviews
Summary: Die Geschichte erzählt eine ?Theorie“ von Anakins Fall auf die Dunkle Seite der Macht.

Absence Makes the Heart by Danielle

Rated: PG-13 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Set during The Clone Wars. Obi-Wan receives some disturbing news from the Outer Rim, causing him to pay a visit to a certain Senator, who receives the news in an unexpected manner.

A Glimpse of White by Danielle

Rated: PG-13 • 1 Reviews
Summary: As Obi-Wan prepares to become one with the Force before Vader, he catches a glimpse of white aboard the Millennium Falcom which causes him to change his mind.

Past the Heavy Gates by Literalfandomtrash

Rated: PG-13 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Starts out around AOTC time and progresses obviously. For the sake of Obidala, Anakin wont exist(I love him but its necessary) Also, since age difference has always bugged me...i guess, Obi-wan and Padmé are like a year apart in age.
Padmé recently elected Queen, is constantly bothered by the Jedi Council about have a Jedi guard to protect her, reluctantly agrees after many months. A Jedi Master named Qui-Gon-Jinn and his young Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi answer the call, but Padmé may get a bit more than just a protector.

Shimmer Through The Woods by Danielle

Rated: R-16 • 0 Reviews
Summary: Captain Panaka refuses to let Padmé explore Mos Espa with Master Jinn, Artoo and Jar Jar. Whilst Eirtaé takes her place in the expedition, Padmé finds distraction and friendship on board the Nubian ship, in the form of Padawan Kenobi. This change will have a profound effect on the fate of the Republic.

Bid Time Return by Danielle

Rated: R-16 • 0 Reviews Feature
Summary: After she dies giving birth to the twins, Padmé is given the chance to go back in time and rewrite the history of the Republic. It is an opportunity to save her love, the lives of many and the Republic from Palpatine, But as she strives to do so, many changes arise, from which comes a future she never looked for.

Obidala Love in 100 Words by Danielle

Rated: NC-17 • 0 Reviews
Summary: These are a collection of one hundred word challenges which have been posted on the Obidala Forums. None of them have any concept of continuity with one another, or ties to canon, and almost all are laced with innuendo.