Fanfics & Gallery

by Nadia @ Mar 17, 2008 08:45 pm  
Thanks to my dear, Elaine, we now have 104 fanfics rearchived. There are still more to come, but it will take some more days. Please remain patient.^^

A few people asked for the gallery and I promised it would be back soon. Well, this is the day and we have a total of 453 images (blends, wallpapers, caps, icons) waiting to be watched and probably downloaded. ;)

You need to register to view the gallery. It's for free, don't worry. I just wanna make sure that no outsiders can see the images and flame them or whatever the narrow minded people might have in mind.^^

If you have some new additions to the gallery or fanfic archive, let me know via mail. :D

Boah... that was unexpected!

by Nadia @ Mar 08, 2008 06:32 pm  
I really haven't expected that it would take that much time to re-archive all fanfictions from the former HTML website archive into the php based efiction.

28 fanfics are re-archived yet and I don't have the first half done. *faints* LOADS of work left to do. But it's worth it.^^