Reviews For Angel

Name: anhKS (Signed) · Date: Jun 14, 2017 01:20 pm · For: Chapter 25
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Name: obifei (Signed) · Date: Apr 03, 2012 10:23 am · For: Chapter 1
I must say this was one of the best fanfictions I've ever read. You are very talented. The story evolved beautifully and naturally, I could almost feel Padmé's sensations myself. The ending was beautiful also, you made me cry! There was nice humor in the story too, I was giggling every once in a while; 'whatever the hell is rubbing his face needs to stop!', lol. Poor Obi-Wan. I always wondered how he coped with all the events that happened in episode III. Now I have my answer and I also know who helped him get trough all that :) Thank you.

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