Obidala drabbles by MissChris
Summary: 100 word drabbles about Obi-Wan and Padme at different points in time.
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1. Grazing I by MissChris

2. Grazing II by MissChris

3. Grazing III by MissChris

4. Improprietous by MissChris

Grazing I by MissChris
Author's Notes:
This takes place pre AOTC on Naboo.
Shaaks were grazing happily as Padmé lay down on the soft bed of grass. This was a perfect place - the rumbling of the waterfalls in the distance juxtaposed against a peaceful fragrant meadow. She'd always thought it would be a perfect romantic getaway spot. Images of frolicking in the fields with the young brooding padawan she had met almost 10 years ago came to mind. She wondered if she would ever meet Obi-Wan again.

"Why are you blushing Padmé? Fantasising about a certain someone?" joked Sola. Padmé hid her face beneath her hands, cursing her sister's eagle eye.
Grazing II by MissChris
Author's Notes:
During the Battle of Geonosis, Obi-Wan experiences something unexpected.
Anakin and Padmé rode up on the reek, prompting the fatigued Obi-Wan to run and jump on to figurative safety - at least a respite from his battle with the Acklay. As he landed on the animal's back, Padmé reached back, her hand grazing his thigh, a gesture of reassurance made in innocent concern. However her gentle touch sent shockwaves spiralling through him - testosterone surging around his body, mingling with the already present adrenaline. Quickly he shielded his emotions - it wouldn't do to broadcast his sudden attraction to the two hundred or so Jedi Knights in the Geonosian arena.
Grazing III by MissChris
Author's Notes:
Thoughts of Padme during the deleted scene of Revenge of the Sith.
Relief poured out of Padmé like a rainstorm over a desert. He was alive. She had worried all night for him. Hurriedly they made their way to each other, his beard grazing her cheek as they greeted each other affectionately. And although he smelt like war and looked like death, his arms provided a brief respite from pain. They felt like the safest place in the whole galaxy. With everything changing for the worst, Obi-Wan Kenobi remained the same. She ignored the feeling that he was here as a herald of bad news and just savoured his presence for now.
Improprietous by MissChris
Author's Notes:
A girl always remembers the first time she's kissed. Pre TPM to AOTC era.
Conventionally considered, her first kiss was with Paolo. She had enjoyed kissing Ian Lago during their brief romance while she was Princess of Theed. But the kiss of her adolescence, that made her feel like a woman, was the one when she became a thief. She stole a kiss from a man who would never make such an improprietous move on a young maiden. It was never mentioned again by either party, yet when they reunited a decade later, both couldn't help but remember that moment with a blush as they formally shook hands, only their eyes betraying such pleasure.
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