Tales of the brokenhearted by Brown Eyes

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She was far too beautiful to cry. Or at least that's how Obi Wan felt as he sat next to her and watch the icicle tears fall from her almond eyes. Padme was too lovely. too bright too have to cry like that. And yet she did.

Every night since the "death" of Anakin and the birth of Lord Vader, Padme had come out under the sparkling night sky and wept. Wept for the galaxy in turmoil, wept for the child in her belly had no father, but most of all she wept for her husband, her love, her Anakin.

And every night as Padme sobs rang out beyond the heavens, he was right by her side. Always there to trying to ease the agony of living, wipe away her crystallized tears, and silently cry with her. She never asked why he came nor did he give an answer. But in a way the answer was clear. It had always been clear.

Love. Obi Wan was utterly in love with Padme Amidala Skywalker. He couldn't explain why he loved her so, or truly how it had ever come to be. They had always been friends, but nothing more. He had accepted that and he kept the way he felt hidden away. But that didn't stop his heart from loving her. Not even when she fell in love with and married his best friend.

"Obi Wan?" Padme's soft fragile voice jerked Obi Wan out of his thoughts. Transfixing his troubled gray orbs back on her, he could see that she was no longer crying but looking almost expressionless.

"Padme is everything all right?" Obi Wan asked, his voice revealing more emotion than he would like to show.

She simply ignored his question.

"Obi Wan, why did my Ani have to fall?" Padme said her voice quivering with raw emotions, hard lines of pain etching into her face.

"Padme, he isn't your Ani anymore." Obi Wan said carefully, taking her small ivory hands in his. "He isn't even the Anakin we both loved."

Padme's expressionless face twitched in pain as she listened to his words.

"You avoid my question Obi Wan. Is that because you know the real reason why Ani fell? Because you pushed Anakin to the darkside." Padme hissed as she tore her hands from his. Her face had become dark with fury and her deep brown eyes smoldered with anger. Her voice grew louder she went on. "YOU PUSHED HIM INTO THAT LAVA PIT ON SULLUST KILLING HIM! YOU'RE THE REASON MY CHILD AND I HAVE NO ONE! YOU VILE MAN! I HATE YOU!" Then letting her anger take control of her acts, Padme slapped him across the face as hard as she could.


Obi Wan felt a deep howling sob inside his belly as his cheek muscle tensed. But he did nothing. Just stare blankly at a horrified shock on Padme's face as he allowed what had just happened to sink in. She hated him. He silently adored her and she loathed him. That sickening truth made Jedi's heart want to bleed in misery.

"Oh I'm so sorry Obi Wan, I didn't mean what I said." Padme stated sincerely, try to touch the place on his cheek where she had struck him. But Obi Wan wanted no part of it. He just jerked away and stood up. His heart had nothing more to lose anymore.

"But you did mean it Milady, and your right. If I were a better master, I could have saved Anakin from Palpatine. But I wasn't good enough. And since I repulse you so, I promise I will make my presence to you invisible." Obi Wan replied his voice dripping with formality as he kept his emotion filled eyes pinned to the ground. "But you will never be alone, nor have you ever been. You have always carried my heart and soul unknowingly in the palm of you hand. And now you've seemed to have crushed it. But I'll still be here protecting you... loving you... even if you don't want me to be."

Then avoiding the shocked look on Padme's face, Obi Wan bowed and began to walk away when Padme caught his arm.

"Oh Obi Wan, I never knew..." Padme's said softly, her voice full of pity and sadness. She once more tried to touch his rough cheek, but was once again rejected.

"I don't think I could withstand another blow to my already broken heart." Obi Wan's melancholy voice pleaded as he kept his gray orbs away from her. "So please Milady, let me go."

Not saying a word, Padme released his arms from her grip and watched as brown robes fluttered into darkness.
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