Tales of the brokenhearted by Brown Eyes

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"I Just Can't Say"

Month's Later

Padme smiled to herself as the warm rays of sun shone down on her and Obi Wan from the heavens. After tons of forceful pleading, she had finally gotten Obi Wan to let her spend her most out the manor's garden. He hadn't liked the idea at first because she was in such a fragile state in her pregnancy, but like always Padme got what she wanted.

Placing her hands on her large round stomach, she sat back taking in the site around her. The rich colorful flowers...the glorious sun...her child...her good friend at her side...everything was so perfect.

But Padme knew that was a lie.

Maybe the setting around them was perfect, but her relationship was far from it.

Yes their friendship went on as somewhat normal, but ever since that night of woe, everything Padme had thought she'd known had changed. She had so much she wished to say too say to Obi Wan ... wished for him to know... her soul needed to make a confession to him. But with any mention of that night, the Jedi simply changed the subject or just left the room all together.

Sighing, Padme looked over at Obi Wan as he meditated next to her. He sat there on the emerald knoll; his figure proud and full of the Force. For the first time in a long time he seemed like the way he use to be...so full of inner peace. It was the way Padme liked to see him.

"I hate to disturb him when he's like this...but I have to say something." Padme thought simply to herself. But their were confessions that still needed to be heard... still things that needed to be said... and Padme would be the one to do it.

"Obi Wan?" Padme's delicate voice made Obi Wan's electric blue eyes snapped open.

"Padme what's wrong." His voice and face was full of concern, because something usually wasn't right when he interrupted his meditation.

"Nothing wrong, I just need to speak with you." Padme thought carefully for a second before she went on. "Obi Wan we have to talk about what happened between us."

Padme stopped herself when she looked over at Obi Wan. All in a matter of moments is body had become stiff, his handsome face story, and his eyes dark like a stormy sea. Padme didn't like what she saw... but that still didn't quiet her.

"Obi Wan we really must..."

"No Padme, we really don't have to talk about. There is nothing to talk about." Obi Wan's voice cross as he turned his brooding face to her. "You know the hell that brews within my soul... you know my true feelings... you know everything. I have nothing to say about what happened that night!"

"Well what about me? What if I have something to say?" Padme replied, her big brown doe eyes filling with a mixture of hurt and anger.

"Than say it, Milady..." Obi Wan's snapped.

"Fine then! Obi Wan I-" But before she would finish an overwhelming pain torn though her. All she could do was clutch her stomach in misery and let two simple words escape her lips. "The baby."


After a whirlpool of screams and agony, Padme Amidala Skywalker had given birth... to not one baby but two tiny little pink wonders. A wide eyed boy who had be called Luke after the legionary Jedi and a fiery girl who was given the name of the Nubian goddess of strength, Leia. The wild pair, who had entered the galaxy in fury, now slept soundly in their bassinet under the watchful eye of their mother.

Even though she was weaker than ever, Padme could not help but glow with pride as she looked at them. And neither could Obi Wan. He also couldn't help the fact that pure admiration shone in his face as he looked at the twins. Even though he didn't want to admit it, he wished he was Luke and Leia's father.

"Oh Padme... those two are amazing." Obi Wan said in awe as he tore his from the babies to their frail mother. Her chestnut curls were mattered down with sweat... her ivory limbs limp with exhaustion... but to Obi Wan she had never look more beautiful... more radiant. "You amazing...

"Thank you Obi Wan." She replied with a tired smile as she kept her brown eyes fixed on both him and the twins. "They are so beautiful... so precious..."

Obi Wan nodded in agreement... they were the most beautiful babies he'd ever seen. But before he could celebrate them anymore he had to set something right. Take Padme's china doll like hand in his for a moment before he began to speak.

"I'm sorry for how I acted early in the garden...I was horrible. And I know you had something you wished to say... so please say it Padme...I'm listening."

Padme gazed at him for a moment unsure of what to say. Not long ago she had wanted so badly to confess the secret the swelled in the bosom of her soul. She had needed to tell him.

But now as she looked upon his gentle face... stared into his crystal blue orbs... she couldn't. Couldn't because it would hurt her children... her Anakin... because it would hurt him.

So with a smile to hide the pain she softly said "Oh...nothing..."
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