Tales of the brokenhearted by Brown Eyes

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"Needing You"

Alderaan, About Three Years Later

Obi Wan mercilessly scolded himself as he stood outside her bedroom door. He shouldn't be here in the Royal House of Organa trying to gather up the courage to see her. He shouldn't be here at all. Rather he should back on the sandy planet of Tatooine watching over Luke, protecting the galaxy's new hope.

But when he saw Bail's distressing holomessage... explaining how her body was destroying itself with every breath; and how she longed to see him before it was to late... Obi Wan simply knew. Knew that he would travel across the galaxy to see her one final time.

So the brave general risked capture and exposure to come to see her on Alderaan. It was very foolish ... but how could he refuse ever refuse the woman that he adored?

Now after facing the wrath of the Empire to get to her he could do nothing more than stay rooted at the door. He found himself to cowardly to face the fact that the brilliant...exquisite Padme Amidala Skywalker was dying. That was something Obi Wan didn't know if he could face.

"She needs you Obi Wan" Bail's somber voice echoed in his head, tell him what he had to do.

Taking a cleansing breath and centering his soul with the Force, he pushed open the heavy door and entered her airy chambers. The room was beautiful with it's cozy furnishings and momentos of shining innocence that was so long ago; but Obi Wan paid no attention to any of it as he stood in the doorway. All he could do was gaze lovingly at the fragile woman lying in the bed, and her sleeping little girl at her side.

For a few moments the Jedi watched unnoticed as Padme stroked her daughter's chocolate curls. It was true that her illness had taken its toll of her, for her smile no longer sparkled like it once had and her eyes had lost their naive glow. But to Obi Wan she still was the most stunning woman in the galaxy.

He could stay in the shadows for hours and love her safely from afar.

Or at least that until he heard an all too familiar voice awakened him from his daze.

"Obi Wan."


Padme felt a joy run though her as she saw the figure in the doorway come closer after hearing his name. At first she had though she was see things again. like she often did now in her sickly state. But when she him timidly walk towards her, his blue eyes shining and his kind face glowing she knew it had to be her dearest friend. She knew it was her Obi Wan.

"Hello Padme." Obi Wan said with a shy smile as he reached the edge of her bed. He wasn't sure what he should truly do or say to her after so long. So he just stood there like an embarrassed young Padawan.

"I can't believe you came. I didn't think you'd get the message. I didn't think you'd." Padme trailed unsure of what to say. Old words. old feelings kept rushed back to her at the site of him.

"I'll aways come to see you Padme, no matter what the risk." His voice a hushed whisper as he sunk onto his knees so his eyes could be level with hers. Taking her small doll like hands into his rough ones, Obi Wan continued. "You know that don't you?"

"I know." She managed to squeak out as she felt a comforting chill run up her spine at his touch. To think it had been so long since she'd felt the warmth of his touch. Oh how she'd missed that touch! "I've missed you so Obi Wan."

"And I you." And for a moment the content smile that had been etched on his tired face had faded into a sorrowful one. But masking his emotions the Knight quickly continued. "Oh Padme I have so much to tell you! So much you will want to know about Luke!"

The utter of her son's name sent her weak heart into flight. "Yes! I want to know everything! I must know everything! Oh and I have so much to tell you about Leia. I also have to tell you that."

Padme felt an all to familiar feeling begin to flutter in her heart. Maybe after all these years everything left unsaid would finally be brought into the light.

"Obi Wan I-"

"Mommy." A sleepy voice groan from her other side. An angel-faced child with the eyes of an old soul was curiously looking at the man on her mother's side. "Who's that?"

Padme stuffed down her words into the deepest chambers of her soul and put on a smile for them both. "This is a dear friend, Obi Wan Kenobi. He's going to be staying with us for a while."
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