Obidala drabbles by MissChris

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Info: This is an AU future a number of years after ROTS where Padmé has survived and is in hiding with Obi-Wan.
“Why are you pushing me away?” she screamed.

His breath was ragged, her anger was electric. He stared at her, hard.

There would always be something between them. They had long denied their attraction to each other. But there would always be something else in the way.

“Anakin,” he simply said.

“He’s gone,” she countered.

“No, he’ll always be between us.”

“Because you let him,” she thundered.

“Perhaps,” he shrugged.

“Don’t,” she said, then proceeded to kiss him with all her passionate might. Her surprise was great when he returned her fervour, the way he had always dreamt of doing.
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