...to the Obidala Network your one and only resource when it comes to highquality fanfictions concerning the relationship of Obi-Wan Kenobi & Padmé Amidala from the Star Wars universe. Once known as obidala.com I adopted the website and all its content from its very first webmistress Aiska Kenobi back in 2008 and revamped it from scratch. New domain, new layout, new features.

Why Obi-Wan/Padmé? When visiting this site, some may say "Why would I be interested in Obi-Wan and Amidala as a couple when I know that Anakin will be Amidala's husband anyway?". I cannot answer on behalf of all Obi/Ami shippers, but I prefer this pairing over the traditional because of Obi-Wan's role as the "tragic character" and how Amidala is not able to show her true emotions since she is Queen of Naboo and must maintain a solemn demeanor in order to rule sensibly. With those qualities, they both just 'fit' together. Well anyway, I just love them as a couple!
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Spring cleaning

by Nadia @ Mar 28, 2016 09:21 am  
I am about to do a spring cleaning at the archive. We do have a huge memberlist but lots of the members never ever once reviewed a fic, never added a single fic to their faves or wrote a fic themselves. I don't like name parking. So I decided to delete the members (not authors!) that registered before 2015 and never used their accounts.
If your account is one of them and you still want to be a member - you don't have to be one to be able to read the fics though - you are free to register again.
To prevent your account from beeing deleted add a few words to your bio, add some faves, write reviews ... - author's love them. *g*
I'll only delete the accounts with zero action since registration.


by Nadia @ Mar 27, 2016 12:30 pm  
Since spring is coming soon I wanted a new layout for the archive. Hope you guys like it and don't get confused by the changes. It's kind of an Easter gift from me to all Obidala fans out there. Happy Easter! ♥


07/28/17 08:20 am
Thank you for checking, Nadia! I did some internet searching, and turns out the author has passed away. For anyone interested, her work can still be found on LJ (under the same name, amidala_thrace)
05/19/17 07:00 am
The story seems to be deleted completely. :/ It's no longer in the archive. I'm sorry.
05/15/17 09:57 am
Love the new look btw :)
05/15/17 09:56 am
Hi! I was looking for "To Ignite the Stars" by amidala thrace (it was on my favorites list). It says access denied and that the story hasn't yet been validated by system administrators?
04/28/17 07:36 pm
Anonymous reviews have been deactivated. Thanks to the spam-bots that keep hitting the archive. :(
04/26/17 04:51 am
Hi, I'm new here :) I've been looking for the fics Falcon and Falconer by Praefecta.Praetorio (or jardim1) as well as Alone Together by caffeinatedkate. Does anyone here have a copy of them?
12/07/16 07:04 am
I'll take care of it asap. Thanks for the info!
11/22/16 12:06 am
Hello Nadia, I got some notifications about spam on my account.
04/30/16 07:01 pm
Hey darlin', nice to see you around! It's cold and wet in Germany too and I hate it. I'm still waiting for Spring.
04/30/16 02:11 am
How is everyone? All the rain we're getting is making me Obidala sentimental, and I wanted to stop by and say hello. :)

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