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01/06/15 09:04 pm
Happy New Year!
francine kelleher
01/05/15 08:59 am
Well hello there! Thank you for having me as a member! I have truly enjoyed everyone's stories, and poems.Love this Obidala stuff!Will do my best not to disappoint!
05/09/14 07:26 am
Thanks! I'm very glad you like it. :D
05/08/14 11:18 am
this site is so cool i will be useing it evey day
04/03/14 11:28 am
I'm gad you like it. You're welcome. :)
03/27/14 02:57 pm
@Nadia Thanks for the new skin, works much better now. Thanks :)
02/27/14 07:37 am
I've uploaded a light skin. It's called responsive and works on tablets and cellphones too. :)
01/22/14 07:51 pm
Hey, pra123 (Prateek) here, glad to join the community. A suggestion to the admin though, please add a light skin as the current dark one makes it very hard to read at leangth, especially at night.
Noelle Kenobi
08/07/13 04:50 am
Hey, Noelle here, I've been thinking about my story, Finding happiness, and I really want to finish it. I need some help with inspiration. If anyone has some constructive criticism please review
07/20/13 06:48 am
This the best place to read obidala stories.
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Welcome the Obidala Network your one and only resource when it comes to highquality fanfictions concerning the relationship of Obi-Wan Kenobi & Padmé Amidala. Once known as I adopted the website and all its content from its very first webmistress Aiska Kenobi back in 2008 and revamped it from scratch. New domain, new layout, new features.

Why Obi-Wan/Padmé? When visiting this site, some may say "Why would I be interested in Obi-Wan and Amidala as a couple when I know that Anakin will be Amidala's husband anyway?". I cannot answer on behalf of all Obi/Ami shippers, but I prefer this pairing over the traditional because of Obi-Wan's role as the "tragic character" and how Amidala is not able to show her true emotions since she is Queen of Naboo and must maintain a solemn demeanor in order to rule sensibly. With those qualities, they both just 'fit' together. Well anyway, I just love them as a couple!
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Responsive (grid) Skin

by Nadia @ Feb 27, 2014 08:30 am

I was asked to add a light skin, so I did. It took me a while, but I wanted to have a responsive skin. It turned out to be a bit tricky to tweek efiction into a responsive grid layout, but I think it works quite nice now.
If you run into any trouble, lmk. :)

New Skin

by Nadia @ May 02, 2013 08:13 pm

After almost one year I decided to create another skin. I'm in a dark period I think. Loads of my layouts are pretty dark lately. Maybe because of the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness movie I'm very excited about. :)

Did you know that J.J. Abrams will be the man behind the next Star Wars movie as well? I think it's going to be great. Although I'll miss Obi-Wan and Padmé a lot in it...

Anyway. Enjoy your stay. :D