Obidala drabbles by MissChris

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Info: A missing scene between the end of the Battle of Geonosis and the conclusion of AOTC.
"Senator, it's your turn."

A bandaged Obi-Wan indicated the way to the medbay. Padmé dropped Anakin's hand but stood resolutely by him.

"Anakin won't awaken from the healing trance till the Temple healers have examined him. Please receive medical attention yourself."

"I'm staying here Obi-Wan."

He looked incredulously at her.

"Fine, be stubborn. But you won't die of an infection on my watch."

He gently laid hands on her back, healing her wounds. She shuddered as he withdrew his touch and saw a strange mix of affection and anguish in his eyes. Before she could decipher it's meaning, he disappeared.
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